Optical fiber and glass expertise for research and production

Expert Consulting in Optical Fibers and Glass Materials

How could Tarja’s Consulting AB assist your company/organization

  • Solve process problems
  • Improve test methods, materials or understanding
  • Assist in EU or Swedish research projects and applications for funding

Examples of consulting tasks, where we could help:

  • Solution to mechanical property test methods and problems in optical fiber manufacturing and R&D
  • Development of reliable stress distribution in short fibers
  • Improvement in manufacturing methods to combine optical components with fibers
  • Reliability analysis of optical fiber sensors in harsh and gentle environment
  • R&D of solar lighting fibers
  • Testing of lighting and energy savings performance of hybrid solar fiber optic lighting equipment
  • Development of new fiber optic components and solutions
  • Accurate analysis of glass materials for transparent, colored or filter glasses
  • Etc, Etc..
Fractured glass fiber

The mirror section of the fracture surface for an abraded, silica glass test-fiber, fractured during a tensile test at about 0.35 GPa axial stress. The fracture has originated from the thin scratch on the surface of the fiber.

Fiber optics displayed on projector screen

All communications (like these pictures here and now on this website, mobile calls, data and TV, etc) are transmitted through optical fibers all over the world. Optical fibers can also be used for solar lighting.

About Tarja

Tarja Volotinen


  • Lab. Engineer, Nokia Cables, Helsinki, Finland, 1978-86
  • R&D engineer and Sen. Specialist, Ericsson Cables, Hudiksvall,  Sweden, 1986-1997
  • Distinguished visitor scientist at Bellcore, NJ, USA, 1992-1993
  • Expert and CEO, OFCON Optical Fiber and Glass Consultants AB, Hudiksvall, Sweden, 1997- 2007
  • PhD student, Dept. of Engineering materials, Sheffield University, UK, 2002-2007
  • Post doctor researcher, Royal Institute of Technology, Material Science and Engineering, Stockholm, Sweden, 2008-2009
  • Researcher for EU project Clear-Up, Uppsala University- Ångström Laboratory, Solid State Physics, 2010-2012
  • Sen. R&D engineer, OFS Fitel LLC, Sturbridge, MA, USA, 2013-2015
  • …. Now expert and CEO at Tarja’s Consulting AB, Hudiksvall, Sweden, 2015…
Tarja Volotinen Fiber Optics Expert Consultant

Areas of expertise

  • Optical fibers: all aspects of SM, MM and other special types of fibers, design, transmission properties, optical properties, material properties, manufacturing process, reliability, effects of stress on optical fiber and amplifier properties, various kinds of fiber types for communications, sensors, lighting etc.
  • Reliability: Phenomena and tests methods, lifetime estimation, fracture analysis, mechanical properties, optical reliability, test methods, effects of service environment.
  • Measurement methods: all properties of optical fibers and optical components.
  • Spectroscopy analysis methods of inorganic materials: glass, ceramic and crystalline materials.
  • Inorganic glass materials: material properties, material structure, composition, effects of manufacturing methods, dopants, contaminants etc.
  • Magnetic photonic crystals: optical and magnetic properties, manufacturing method.
  • Solar fiber optic lighting: lighting performance, tests methods, energy savings.
  • Optics: many kinds of components and applications.

Other merits

  • Author for 40 published scientific articles, a book and two PhD- theses.
  • Supervisor for MSc thesis works and PhD students.
  • Expert evaluator for Framework 5 of European research grants in optical communications and opto-electronics field.
  • Member of: (OSA) Optical Society of America (senior member), (SGT) Society of Glass Technology, PhotonicSweden and (EOS) European Optical Society.
  • Chairman of COST 246 EU research project, titled: Materials and Reliability of Passive Optical Components and Fibre Amplifiers in Telecommunications Networks, 1993-1998
  • Secretary and grant-holder for COST270, 2000-2002
  • Technical committee member of international conferences in reliability of optical fibers, components and networks 1993 – 2006: SPIE 2290, SPIE 2611, SPIE 3848, SPIE 4215, SPIE 4940, SPIE 5465 and SPIE EPE112; and for optical measurement technology conferences: OFMC'97 and OFMC’99; as well as the organizer of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th International COST 246 Workshops on Materials and reliability of optical components.
  • Extended international network of university professors, researchers and industry experts.

Education and Degrees

  • MSc (1978): Physics, mathematics, chemistry and statistics, Helsinki Univ., Finland
  • 1. PhD (1991): Physics (optics, fiber optics), Helsinki University, Finland
  • 2. PhD (2008): Engineering materials (glass science), The Univ. of Sheffield, UK
  • PCHE (2005) = post-graduate certificate in higher education, i.e.  the university teacher certificate from School of Educations, The University of Sheffield, UK
  • Ass. Prof. (docent, 2011): Solid state physics, Dept. of Engineering Sciences, Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, Sweden


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Tarja’s Consulting AB has connections to:

OSA (www.osa.org), EOS (www.myeos.org), IEEE (https://www.ieee.org), SGT (https://sgt.org),

PhotonicSweden (www.photonicsweden.com),

LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com), ResearchGate (https://www.researchgate.net),

as well as to: HNA (http://www.hna.se).